Northcross Group (NCG) Helping Organizations with Big Challenges and Big Opportunities

Northcross Group (NCG) works with our clients to meet some of their biggest challenges for growth and sustainability in today’s digital business environment.

We leverage our experience in business process and program management, along with our knowledge in technology and cybersecurity to address organizational objectives.

Our mix of technical and business acumen helps ensure that people and processes are part of the approach for success just as much as technology and infrastructure. We make sure this is done securely and in compliance with requirements.

Bringing People, Data, Technology, and Security Together

Bringing People, Data, Technology, and Security Together

To accomplish tasks, you must take a systemic view of how people, data, and technology interact. In addition, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data must also be considered to produce desired results. This must all be done in a way that supports an organization’s needs and values.

We take a systemic view of every project. We work with the technology pieces, and also with the underlying data and the people that will use it. These fundamentals—technology, data, and people—are all part of the equation for success.

Some consulting firms focus on just one of these fundamental areas, or look at them as separate silos. This approach puts the burden back on the client to bring things together in the end. NCG is different. We make sure that all areas with their interrelationships are covered and provide a complete solution.

For each engagement we strive to:
  • Understand the Organization We Are Supporting
  • Have a Complete Grasp of the Requirements and Goals
  • Construct a Plan to Accomplish the Work
  • Implement a Framework to Measure Progress/Success
  • Foster Communication and Collaboration Throughout the Engagement
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Bringing People, Data, Technology, and Security Together
Understanding Your Needs to Craft the Best Solution Understanding Your Needs to Craft the Best Solution

Understanding Your Needs to Craft the Best Solution

We begin our client engagement with a discussion of the client’s challenges and our advice to focus our attention on what needs to be done. Our services emphasize using technology to meet business objectives and elevate businesses to new levels of operations, markets, and profitability. NCG consultants have both practical technology and business experience to use technology to solve business problems. We leverage all of our tools and capabilities to work proactively each and every day to execute and deliver in a wide range of business environments.

We work hard to understand your specific business realities—both the challenges and opportunities. When technology is applied effectively it can leverage new opportunities for a business. However, when there are disconnects, technology can become a frustration or worse to the business.  We believe that technology is a set of tools for business with incredible potential.

Changing that potential into tangible business value requires a combination of skills. NCG consultants have both practical technology and business experience.  This cross-discipline helps us understand the business challenge, what approach makes the most sense, and how to implement it.  Our broad perspective helps us execute and deliver in a wide range of business environments.

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Compliance & Risk Management

Compliance and risk management are fundamental concepts for organizations in highly regulated industries to have working effectively and efficiently. When working well, they help an organization protect itself from impact and exposure—even providing benefits for operations and business functions. When they don't work—they are costly, time consuming, frustrating, and can impact your business.

NCG has broad experience across regulatory and industry compliance frameworks. We work with organizations to understand what is needed compared to what are future targets, and develop prioritized roadmaps for your compliance. We approach compliance with a risk management perspective that aligns to an organization's overall risk program.

Effective risk management programs need to align to an organization and its operations—working with them and not against them. We help organizations build risk programs, or enhance existing ones, to be productive assets for the organization.

People are key components to the success and value of compliance and risk management programs. We take an approach of empowering your people for success in dealing with compliance and risk challenges. We provide services and tools to craft sustainable programs with supporting data integration, processes, and infrastructure for your team.

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Business & Technology Tools and Services

NCG has an approach that allows us to understand each individual organization we support. We take into account the sector and markets the organization works in and how it is organized to operate.

We tailor work plans, implement progress and success metrics, and foster communication and collaboration to match the specific operation environment.

NCG provides clients with complete solutions that address technology components and account for organizational needs. Consultants at NCG improve business operations, markets, and profitability by using technology as a tool for business. Moreover, NCG team members have developed specific tools to address common capabilities in several areas.

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Consulting Services in Today’s Digital Environment

We use technology and data to actively engage people and make sure they are focused on the most important tasks. We have tools that are focused on actions that support particular business events. These tools are configured for specific industries and various operation processes.

We are an integration and cybersecurity firm with a proven record in the public, private, and defense sectors. We have supported organizations through complex conversions, migrations, integrations, deployments, and program devilment. NCG has built sustainable programs to better secure, grow, and manage these organizations.

We refer to our tools as Orchestration Tools because they engage and connect different types of users inside and outside an organization with data and work-flows specific to a given objective. While each organization and challenge is unique, Orchestration Tools provide a framework and targeted technology that can orchestrate efforts, save time, reduce frustration, and mitigate risk.

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Orchestration Tools are designed to bring people, processes, infrastructure, and data together for a specific purpose. These tools can used for one-time events, or support the sustainability of ongoing programs.

Orchestration Tools help organizations get their arms around important efforts with an execution focus and help people at all levels of the organization work off the same page.

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Best of Both Worlds

Industry Best Practices and Federal Insight

We work in the private sector with highly regulated industries that support critical infrastructure industries (financial services, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, and information technology). We also work with the federal government in the civilian and defense sectors.

Our team has experience working from the perspectives of both the regulator and industries being regulated. We bring to industry in-depth knowledge of regulatory frameworks and guidance. To the federal space, we bring best practices and the latest innovations from industry.

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The NCG Team

Highly Experienced in the Public and Private Sectors

NCG is comprised of highly skilled resources with proven abilities to deliver on mission objectives in the federal and private sectors. NCG’s experienced and cleared staff (up to TS SCI active clearances) is supported by the firm’s industry best practices and processes with tools and controls to ensure quality delivery and results.

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