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Since 2006, Northcross Group (NCG) has been empowering its clients to use technology to improve operations, expand market positions, and increase revenues. NCG consultants have decades of experience and achieve tangible results using a collaborative and responsive approach to problem-solving. Team members have contract experience at federal and state levels as well as civilian, defense, and intelligence clearances. Consequently, NCG consultants have the perspective to assess needs, risks, and issues; the skills to prioritize work items; and the expertise to deliver results.

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Upper Peninsula Cybersecurity Institute at Northern Michigan University

NCG Academic Partnership with the Upper Peninsula Cybersecurity Institute at Northern Michigan University

NCG has an Academic Partnership with Northern Michigan University's Upper Peninsula Cybersecurity Institute. This partnership began in September 2020 and is focused on helping develop the next generation of cybersecurity professionals with NCG's business centric approach to cybersecurity that tailors efforts to a client's industry, size, and complexity.

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NCG - Office Locations

Portland, Maine Office

The NCG headquarters are located in
Portland, Maine on 100 Middle Street.

  • 100 Middle Street
  • East Tower, #203
  • Portland, ME 04101
  • 207.699.5540
  • FAX 207.699.2113
DC Metro Office

NCG has an office located in Arlington, VA on Fort Myer Drive.

  • 1655 N. Fort Myer Dr.
  • Suite #700
  • Arlington, VA 22209
  • 703.351.3397
  • FAX 703.351.5298
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Leadership Team

Christopher J. Bender

Christopher Bender

Christopher Bender has accumulated over twenty-two years of management and technology consulting experience, specializing in efficiency, profits, agility, and corporate responsibility in both the public and private sectors. As the founder of NCG, he has built a team of experts that unite business and technology to deliver results and value.

Mr. Bender worked with mainframe and midtier computing until he transitioned to internet-based technology in the early 1990s at which point he began to focus on data-driven systems and decision-making. He has executed project management efforts in excess of $30 million per year and mergers and integrations as large as $40 billion per year. Additionally, he has served as the lead architect for multiple enterprise-level system developments. Mr. Bender has a Master of Science in Management Information Systems and a BA in Economics from George Washington University.

David S. Wininger

David Wininger

David Wininger is the Chief Technology Officer of Northcross Group. He has gained notoriety in the public and private sectors as an expert and seasoned practitioner of systems implementation, business continuity planning, disaster recover, operations, and security. He has held executive positions in private firms and in the federal government, maintaining a hands-on command of current technologies and management practices.

Mr. Wininger began his career with the Marine Corps in 1971. After twenty-one years of service, he worked as the Director of Special Operations Engineering program, managing the development and operational testing of small arms and automatic weapons. Before working at NCG, Mr. Wininger also served as the Director of Information Technology for the U.S. Strategic Weapons Program, including time as the Director of the Space and Special Welfare Systems Command Information Technology. Mr. Wininger received a BS in Engineering from the University of Maryland and a Master of Science in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. He also graduated from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia.

Vaida Lowell

Vaida Lowell

Vaida Lowell joined the firm in 2010 as its Operations Manager. As a part of the NCG team, she reviews compliance issues, writes and edits corporate communication, assists with business development, and oversees human resources. Her background is in communications, and she has ten years of experience in technology and support services in business management. Ms. Lowell also provides direct client support in project, vendor, and operations management as well as cost of ownership analysis and oversight.

Before she joined NCG, Ms. Lowell coordinated operations for a water and fire disaster restoration firm and served as the Business Manager of a digital media company. She holds a BA in Communication and Information Sciences with a major in TV Journalism and Broadcasting from Vilnius University in Lithuania. In addition to being a published author, Ms. Lowell spends her spare time collaborating with the oldest and largest U.S.-based Lithuanian newspaper, “Draugas," serving as the Associate Editor for East Coast Lithuanian news coverage.

Chris Porter

Chris Porter

As the Director of Application Development, Chris Porter utilizes his nearly 20 years of experience in the software development industry to mentor and lead the NCG internal project development teams. Primarily an Open Source advocate, he brings knowledge of modern development principals, design strategies and tools that benefit and improve team velocity.

A developer at heart, Chris still actively contributes to the Drupal community. He maintains or co-maintains several modules, provides patches to the community, and regularly attends Drupal conferences around the world where he provides training sessions, and occasionally offers technical talks.

Chris previously worked in the Professional Services arena for a large Boston based open source services company. Here he learned the focus of advocating for customers, and gearing requirements around their needs. Some of the projects and companies worked on rank both in the fortune 500, and in the top 100 highest traffic websites in the world.

Today, when not managing development teams, consulting around the world, or delivering training or technical sessions at conferences, he spends his time outdoors with his hobbies of kite skiing/snowboarding, sometimes kitesurfing, fly fishing, and occasionally home-brewing secret fruit wine recipes.

Wayne Milstead

Wayne Milstead

Wayne Milstead has over twenty years of experience delivering business operations, systems, communications, and training solutions to a range of clients in both the private and public sectors. Mr. Milstead has managed service delivery on both project and enterprise levels to diverse clients including the Federal Aviation Administration, National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, Turner Broadcasting/CNN, Time Warner, public service nonprofits, and arts organizations. Clients recognize his value as a communicator with strong analytical and technical skills, valuing his ability to articulate and implement solutions for his clients. Mr. Milstead also works within Northcross Group to enable all levels of staff to own and articulate organizational goals so that they can approach challenges with creativity, passion, and confidence.

Mr. Milstead has a background in journalism, communications, consulting and law. He holds a BA in dramatic literature from George Washington University and a JD from Catholic University.

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