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Building and enhancing compliant and value producing Safety Management Systems


Understanding What the FAA is Looking for in Your SMS

NCG helps organizations get their arms around what is really required and what is not. We build sustainable programs and frameworks that set your team for success.


Pragmatic Aviation Safety, Risk Management, and Compliance Program Experience

Our team has experience in the aviation industry and with the FAA. Having this dual set of perspectives helps us understand both sides of the process and how to satisfy both.


Services Scaled to Your Needs and Current Safety Posture

NCG has services to build compliant SMS programs or enhance existing ones. We have tools and services to connect your existing systems and leverage your current investments. We have developed innovative training approaches and have services to address safety culture challenges.


Tiered Pricing to Fit Different Scales of Operations

Our team has experience in the aviation industry and with the FAA. Having this dual set of perspectives helps us understand both sides of the process and how to satisfy both.


Understanding what the FAA is looking for in your SMS

The FAA recognizes scalability of an SMS implementation based on the Operator’s complexity, volume of data, workforce size, and size of the management layer. Building a roadmap for compliance should focus on what you specifically need and how to get the most value out of your investment.

As with most mandated programs, the key to a successful and sustainable implementation is to make the program valuable to the Operator. The SMS should provide value beyond compliance. It should provide better levels of safety and quality, and improve the way the organization approaches safety.

To do that, each Operator needs to have an SMS that fits their unique organization. While NCG has many proven approaches and tools, we understand that the SMS must be tailored to each organization. Part of that is figuring out where the organization is today and how it is looking to grow. Our approach for getting started is to keep it as simple as practical, focusing on what is needed by your organization for success and getting your SMS accepted by the FAA.

FAA SMS requirements are in place for Part 121 Certificate Holders.

In addition, the countries in the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) may require a Part 135 operator to have an SMS acceptable to the FAA. What this means is if you fly to Europe, you must apply for and receive EASA authorization. Part of the approval process is to have a state (FAA) recognized SMS in accordance with Annex 19.

NCG SMS Approach to Working Through FAA Requirements

NCG helps define what must be done, what are your future targets, and what can be model options for down the road. Once targets and objectives are defined. NCG works with you to build roadmaps that lay out efforts and dependencies from start to finish.

The next step is to make it all happen. NCG focuses on empowering the people in your organization to be more effective and able to support the SMS as it continues to evolve with the organization. NCG ensures that the organization has the means to measure effectiveness and support continuous improvements in a managed way.

NCG data integration services can connect your existing safety systems with your SMS. We help organizations implement robust analytics that create information to support decision making.

Putting Technology to Work in Supporting your SMS

Safety data can be voluminous and complex—not suitable for a paper exercise. As a system integrator, NCG has the expertise to connect data from across your enterprise and implement the best tools to support analytics.

NCG uses the latest technologies and cloud based tools to engage people from across the entire organization and securely share data. NCG has easy to use tools for safety reporting and risk management that focus on helping people get jobs done and not having to learn complex software.


Our Experience and Proven Track Record in Safety, Risk Management, Compliance, and Program Development.

The NCG Team has decades of experience building compliant programs and helping organizations of all sizes and complexities develop programs for safety, risk management, security, and compliance.

We have designed and built frameworks that have grown with the organization. We have helped organizations develop the frameworks with incentives and controls to successfully influence corporate culture to align with strategic objectives.

Building FAA-Compliant SMS Programs

Our Team has worked with Part 121 Operators to develop and add to existing SMS programs. Our efforts have included developing and implementing risk management procedures and processes, as well as integrating systems to connect disparate data in existing safety programs. We have developed pragmatic and tailored policies and procedures that match an Operator’s people, culture, and structures to best guide and controls efforts across the enterprise.

Assessing Existing SMS Programs

Our Team has helped Operators understand where they currently stand and where the gaps are to compliance. We have done this through mapping current programs to the FAA SMS DCTs and highlighted gaps to achieving FAA SMS active compliance and how to go about addressing them. We have built roadmaps tailored to the specific Operator’s current structures to accomplish SMS compliance in alignment with other strategic objectives.

Safety Culture Services

Our Team has helped organizations understand the influences and drivers of their corporate culture so that they can influence the integration of safety throughout. We have helped Operators leverage reward and incentive structures, messaging, and reinforcing actions to promote safety as part of everyday business. We have helped Operators measure their current culture and be able to track effectiveness of actions to influence it.

Safety and Risk Management Training

We have developed innovative training techniques tailored to an Operator’s environment. We have used distributed learning, retrieval practice, and other learning solutions to get concepts like risk management to stick. We have delivered onsite training, developed training materials, and facilitated interactive workshops on Safety Management.


Our SMS Services scale for any size operator to enhance and evolve existing, or build new, compliant Safety Management Systems.

SMS Development

NCG SMS Program Development services build compliant and sustainable Safety Management Systems that provide business value for the Operator. Our approach empowers your organization to get the most out of your SMS and keep it going as the organization evolves.

SMS Program Gap Analysis

NCG Gap Analysis services provide a third party view of your current SMS program and identification of compliance gaps and process improvement recommendations.

SMS Training

NCG provides Safety Management System (SMS) program and Safety Risk Management training at your facilities in classroom and interactive workshop formats.

SMS DCT Mapping

The FAA’s Data Collection Tools are the basis for their evaluation of an SMS. NCG provides mapping of your programs, policies, procedures, and manuals to the DCTs.

SMS Improvement Roadmaps

Getting from here to there…
NCG can provide a detailed roadmap for operators to get from current state to a compliant or enhanced SMS. NCG roadmaps give your organization the map and initiative level details to get things done.

SMS Policy & Procedure Development

NCH crafts SMS policies and procedures tailored to your team and organizational structures. Our pragmatic and custom approaches provides an Operator with the documented direction and specific work instructions to drive SMS efforts across the entire enterprise.

Safety Culture Assessments

NCG’s Safety Culture Assessments helps organizations better understand their current corporate culture as it pertains to safety. We highlight drivers and frameworks that drive the culture and how that insight can be used to influence positive change.

Organization Structure Development

NCG designs and builds a compliant SMS organizational structure that best matches the Operator. We develop roles and responsibilities for all participants, along with supporting charters and procedural processes to build a sustainable organization that will evolve with the Operator.

Safety Culture Evolution Services

NCG helps organizations implement techniques and structures to foster safety in their corporate cultures. We implement processes to measure progress and use those measurements to refine efforts for foster the target culture in the organization.


Pricing to Fit Different Levels of Complexity and Size

SMS Development Services

SMS Development | Organization Structure Development | Policy & Procedure Development

SMS Development Services begin at $15,000 for support and direction to build a complaint SMS.

SMS Assessments

SMS Program Gap Analysis | Improvement Roadmaps | FAA SMS DCT Mapping

SMS Assessment Services begin at $10,000 for assessment and mapping services.

Safety Culture Services

Safety Culture Assessments | Safety Culture Evolution Services

Safety culture assessments and services to influence your corporate culture start at $8,500.

SMS Training

Safety Management | Risk Management Theory and Practice Training

Onsite safety and risk management training session start at $2,500.

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